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Lynn Arnold brings more than 45 years of midwifery experience, knowledge, and understanding to your area with workshops, and midwifery courses. Her love, passion, and enthusiasm for midwifery will inspire participants to new levels of client care!

These are skill-based workshops and courses for practical application in a “Real Midwifery Practice.” Workshops participants will benefit from Lynn’s unique teaching style. She makes even the most complex topics simple and easy to understand, regardless of a participant’s experience.

These Real Birth Workshops are approved MEAC ( Midwifery Education Accreditation Council) and NARM Bridge Approved Courses are designed and presented to make simple and easy to understand for application in a “Real Midwifery Practice!”


The Art & Science Behind Breech Birth


The Ins and Outs of Venipuncture: IV Certification

Twins J SC web.jpg

Reality of Twin Gestation and Births

Fetal Ass .jpg

Intrapartum Fetal Surveillance for Midwives


Charting Made Simple for Midwives

NB Exam web.jpg

Newborn Examination for Midwives

Dystocia web_edited.jpg

¨Stuck¨ on Dystocia  for Midwives


Suturing in a Real Midwifery Practice

Part I- 1st & 2nd ° 

 Unusual Wound  Repair

Sut 2_edited.jpg

Suturing in a Real Midwifery Practice Part II - 3rd & 4th °


VBAC AA web.jpg

VBAC Risks & Realities for Midwives

Basic Prenatal Ultrasound  For a Real Mi

Basic Prenatal Ultrasound 
For a Real Midwifery Practice

in person & live web

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