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Please feel free to contact me by email, phone, or through this form:

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El Paso, Las Cruces Area
Phone 575 502-4106
Fax 575 222-2598

Requesting Verification of Birth Letters from Casa de Nacimiento

Please submit your cantact information and date of birth in the box above and you will contacted soon. 

Please email the following:

  • Texas Courthouse birth certificate copy 

  • Current photo ID from client or person born at Casa de Nacimiento copy

  • US mailing address to receive Verification Letters (letters will only be mailed within the US)

  • Legal Guardian documentation if requesting person is not listed on the birth certificate

You will be sent an invoice through phone app for $125.00 USD, once your information is verified, letters will be mailed within two weeks after payment has cleared.

Expedited Fee $50.00 additional


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