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Birth Philosophy



I believe that conception, pregnancy and birth are normal physiological processes of the female body that are best left to their own natural processes whenever possible but are not without risk. Childbearing is often heavily influenced by cultural, social, spiritual and religious expectations and every effort should be made to respect these by the informed choices of the birthing mother.


In modern American birth is considered a ‘pathology’ and has become a  medical, surgical event even when the individual woman's risk may be low. This medicalization of the birth process has pushed and regulated the practice of midwifery though licensing, laws, regulations, into accepted ‘medical standards of care’ often restricting women’s choices and midwifery practices. However, I still believe and support the client’s inherent right to choose.


My role as a midwife is to judiciously use my forty years of experience to be 'with the woman’, to educate, inform, counsel, advise, observe, assess, manage, correct, and treat with all the heart, knowledge and clinical skills necessary for an optimal outcome regardless of place or type of delivery.

I also believe that it is important that the pregnant woman takes the responsibility to educate herself, communicate openly, ask questions,  to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and participate fully in the care choices for her and her baby.

My midwifery and natural birth care in El Paso supports the normal process of the human pregnancy and natural birth with as little intervention as possible. It focuses on “woman centered care” which provides each of my El Paso clients with individualized education, counseling, and care throughout her pregnancy, labor, birth and the post-partum time.


I support the idea that women are intelligent, that when educated and given full informed consent they have the right to make the choices that are best for them and their baby.

Midwifery Services

Even in the most ideal situations, pregnancy can be a complex, stressful, and sometimes uncertain time for a pregnant mother. Midwives offer compassionate, empathetic perinatal services that help make pregnancy the joyful experience it can and should be. 


Lynn Arnold offers midwifery services every phase of your pregnancy experience, from prenatal care to postnatal checkups.


VBAC and Other Special Circumstance Deliveries

While Lynn Arnold serves many low-risk pregnancies and deliveries every year, she is best known in El Paso for her mastery in special circumstance consultations & deliveries. Lynn is one of the few midwives in El Paso, Texas who specializes in special circumstances including:

  • Accepting late registrations

  • International birth options*

  • Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)

  • Breech birth

  • Twins

  • Lynn is also among the few midwives in El Paso willing to consult & travel to you depending on availability. 

I look forward to serving your pregnancy and natural birth care needs.

Please give me a call at 575-502-4106 to schedule your first consultation.


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